25th Anniversary Historical Newsletter
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Company History

1983 - Danvers, Holloway & Appleton elevators vote to consolidate and Western Consolidated Cooperative is founded.

1985 - 54-car train loading system constructed in Holloway.

1987 - New main office built in Holloway.

1990 - Dean Isaacson hired as General Manager.

1991 - West-Con adds two 165,000 bu. grain bins in Holloway.

1992 - Terminal A in Appleton and the Odessa elevator leased to purchase.

1995 - One million gallon tank and loadout built in Appleton.

1996 - Holloway grain expansion project completed & Watson and Sunburg elevators added.

1997 - South Shore fertilizer purchased & Holloway adds new locamotive and 7,250 ft. of track.

1998 - Holloway adds 600,000 bu. bin and first 110 car shuttle loaded in April.

1999 - Holloway adds 260,000 bu. wet bin & Appleton Farm Chemical and Graceville Feed and Fertilizer are added.

2000 - New piling system created in Holloway.

2001 - St. Leo elevator purchased and Holloway Fuel Station added.

2002 - Murdock Crop Mate purchased and Holloway builds a new fertilizer plant as well as a new seed warehouse.

2003 - Danvers and Appleton North were sold and Kensington & Twin Brooks, SD elevators were added. Holloway adds 4 million bu. storage building.

2004 - 2nd scale added in Holloway & new grain terminal built in Twin Brooks.

2005 - Raymond purchased.

2006 - Twin Brooks Terminal adds new fertilizer plant & Ortonville location added.

2007 - Holloway adds 30,000 bph leg, another dumping lane and increases piler to 3.2 million bu.  Twin Brooks Terminal adds new 2 million gallon liquid fertilizer tank.

2008 - 10,000 bph dryer and 400,000 bu. bin constructed in Holloway. New office built in Holloway and new warehouse built at Twin Brooks Terminal.

2015 - Terminal A expansion in Appleton completed.

2020 - Paul Mattson hired as General Manager.

2021- Partnered with Nutrien Ag for agronomy products. 

2022- Sold Ortonville elevator and Kensington fertilizer plant. Built a new outbound scale at Twin Brooks Terminal.