1.)  Be a member of the Cooperative, believe in, invest in, and patronize the Cooperative.

2.)  Demonstrate understanding of cooperatives and their purposes.

3.)  Have sufficient time to attend and participate in Board meetings and be willing to attend director training sessions.

4.)  Have the ability to work well with others as a team and to support majority decisions.

5.)  Be willing to place the interest of the Cooperative above the interests of any other organization.

6.)  Have not been employed by the Cooperative during three years preceding nomination.

7.)  Be aware that favors will not be granted to any Director, their family or relatives.

8.)  Be willing to keep matters discussed at Board meetings confidential.

9.)  Have the ability to recognize the continuing need for improvement and change in business practices.

10.)  Have the ability to recognize the overall objectives of the Cooperative and be able to see things in perspective.

11.)  Have a strong interest in and current knowledge of economics and business conditions affecting agriculture and farmer cooperatives.

12.)  Be unquestionably loyal to the Cooperative, demonstrate faith in its aims and purposes, and be active in participation of its programs and services.