Soybean Trait Updates


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In addition to the federal label, both South Dakota and Minnesota have approved the sale and use of Engenia on dicamba soybeans for 2018.

The Federal EPA is requiring that all applicators must attend a 2-hour dicamba application training session to be certified for application on dicamba soybeans in 2018.

BASF, Monsanto and other registrants are offering these dicamba application training sessions but you only need to attend one session for your certification.

South Dakota and Minnesota will have reciprocity and honor each other’s training sessions.


Both the MN and SD dicamba training web sites are up and running.

They may continue adding more sessions as needed, so continue checking the web sites for new sessions.

Click on one of the links below to view all current scheduled locations, dates, times and to get registerer.  Then, click on the meeting you want to attend and register to attend that session.

  • Please pre-register online so you are assured of a spot at the meeting.
  • Some locations may have limited seating and they want to try to accommodate all that attend.
  • Also, DO NOT be late as you will not be able to partake in that days training. 
  • Per Federal EPA requirements all participants must be seated at the start time and remain for the complete 2-hour training session. 


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